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The Pink Sunrise Diamond

By 06.09 September 20th, 2018 No Comments

The history of the Pink Sunrise, where the rough stone was found and when, is unknown.
Perhaps it was found either in Western Australia, where many pink diamonds are found, or
maybe South Africa? The only known fact is that it was cut by the renowned master
diamond cutter, Gabi Tolkowsky, probably in Antwerp, Belgium, at the start of the 21st
Century, and the cutting and polishing took more than one year. Its name seems to reflect
its unique colours simulating the pink and red shades as the sun appears in early morning
eastern skies. Tolkowsky also cut the Centenary Diamond which modified heart shape is very
similar to that of the Pink Sunrise.

The Pink Sunrise weighs 29.79 carats and is a rare, flawless fancy pink, IF type IIa stone cut
into a modified heart shape. These stones are extremely rare and are found in about 0.1% of
naturally occurring diamonds. The pink colour arises from plastically deformed crystals.

Historically, Tolkowsky’s Pink Sunrise diamond was the first rare and unique diamond to
appear at the beginning of the 21st Century. Even without a history, it has the potential to
become a very famous and legendary diamond as today the Pink Sunrise is the sixth
largest pink diamond in the world and we can only imagine its present value.


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