The DeYoung family

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The DeYoung family, and its head, Simon DeYoung, began their diamond history in 1835 when they emigrated from Holland to the United States, accompanied by four of Simon’s colleagues, their diamond cutting business being one of the first in the US. Henry D. Morse and Simon’s son, Jacob, joined this lucrative business, followed in the late 1920s by Jacob’s son, Sydney. This was the team who expanded the business by including other precious stones in their stock such as coloured gem stones, pearls and also antique pieces.    

It was Sydney DeYoung who had an eye for recognising unique stones and this asset enabled the company to add unique stones to their collection, amongst which were jewels from royalty. He was a generous man who donated rare gems to the National Gem Collection at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

One of the most unique gems in the National Gem Collection is the DeYoung Pink Diamond, a grade Sl-1 pear-shaped stone, weighing 2.86 carats, which has a natural fancy intense purplish-pink colour. It was found in Tanzania at the Williamson Mine. Another extraordinary stone in the collection is the DeYoung Red weighing 5.03 carats.

pink-diamond red-diamond

These two diamonds, pink on the left, red on the right, made the DeYoung family’s American Dream a reality.

In the mid-1900s, Joseph H. Samuel Jr., Sydney DeYoung’s nephew, engaged in both national and international expansions to the business, continuing the family’s American Dream.


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