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Welcome to our website,, where you will learn everything you need to know about diamonds, whether as a visitor who simply wants to know more about diamonds, or as a customer who wishes to purchase diamonds as an investment

Customers need to register an account with us, be they wanting to purchase products or to sell products. Our privacy policy is designed to protect our customers so that they understand how we utilise their personal information, and that this applies only to information collected from our website, not collected offline. You consent to this policy when you use our website.

We reserve the right to change, modify or update this policy and will notify all customers of any changes. This will only apply to information collected after the change date. It is your obligation to check for our Terms and Conditions on the website, as well as any changes and updates with continued use of our website.

Personal information about our customers

We require personal information such as registration, transaction and contact information so that we can deliver excellent service to our clients. This information will be strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without your permission. It will be handled in accordance with South African laws and will not be disclosed to anyone without your prior approval. We will only share your personal information with law enforcement agents should the need arise, if the website is used without our authorisation or if we have to give a delivery address to a courier company for the completion of a purchase.

    Information may be collected in different ways:

  • Using session cookies (small text files which disappear when your browser is closed) or persistent cookies (files which remain on browser closure) to track visits to websites. Cookies do not link to any personal information and are only used to track data and gather information to improve customer services – they can be modified by you by either accepting or rejecting them on your browser.
  • Tracking technology from logging files on our website or emails and the use of widgets, as our server will recognise the internet URL accessed by visitors to our website. Our web server will recognise your IP address but it does not give us access to your personal information nor from social media platforms such as Facebook. Visitors can create their own usernames using their email address.
  • Information is noted when your register on our site, subscribe to our newsletter for email marketing or fill in the required forms. We do not share email addresses and all information required for ordering and shipping processes is only used for this reason. Credit card information is not stored once a transaction is completed. We cannot guarantee any information that you transmit online or via the website – this is done at your own risk.

The Privacy Policy describes the ways in which we collate, store and utilise your personal information. With the submission of your personal information, you then need to agree to the terms of this policy in order to partake of our services, by reading and accepting the policy provisions. You may then use our website and related services on offer. Should you wish to withdraw consent to use your personal information, then contact us on this email address,, and we will deactivate your account.

Third party links

Sometimes a third party may be involved in transactions via links that offer more value to our customers for other products or services via our website. We have no responsibility or liability for these and these sites have their own independent privacy policies. These links are only shown to our customers as they may have information that is useful for them. Our customers are advised to review the particular link’s privacy policy before entering into any engagement with them.

Customer contact

When you place an order we will contact you, using either a secure telephone line or an email address.


We follow the industry’s best practices by using standard encryption technology to secure your personal and credit card information and security safeguards are taken against loss or theft, unauthorised access or disclosure.

Contact information

If you have questions or concerns with regard to our privacy policy, please contact us at