Most popular Diamond Shapes

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For centuries, diamonds have continued to exhibit an allure that has captivated people all over the world. Fashion fads come and go and the tastes of the consumer market are ever changing. So, what are the current trends and the most popular shapes of diamonds that people are buying today?


There are many different options for the shape of a diamond, from traditional round brilliant cut or oval diamonds to fancy shaped diamonds like pear and heart shapes.

The Round Brilliant cut diamond is the most popular shape. While this cut offers great flexibility within the Four Cs, you will want to select higher quality grades to bring out the most brilliance within a round diamond. Browse: round cut diamonds.

Princess cut diamonds are exceptionally brilliant because of the way they are cut. This popular cut can be either square or rectangular in shape. The color that is emitted from Princess cut diamonds is very unique. While the color of other diamonds is displayed mainly in the centre, the Princess cut diamonds show distinct color in each of the corners too, which is an extremely appealing aspect to this cut. Browse: princess cut diamonds.

The Cushion cut is a timeless cut that has earned its name for its pillow shape. Cushion cut diamonds tend to have impeccable brilliance and clarity in their appearance which can be attributed to their rounded corners and larger facets. These diamonds are available in square and rectangular shapes and are also very popular. Browse: cushion cut diamonds.

The other diamond shapes include Marquise, Emerald, Radiant, Pear, Oval and Asscher. These are seen as the more ‘Art deco’ shapes and are certainly unique and brilliant in their own right. Browse: the more unusual shaped diamonds.



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