Payment Options

Diamond Advisor offers several payment options including wire transfer, credit or debit cards, certified check and money order. 

Credit Card

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Credit card orders can be placed online using our secure server or over the phone with our customer service department. For security purposes, Diamond Advisor may request additional documentation on some transactions, such as a driver’s license or photocopy of credit card. 

Money Wire

Many customers purchasing items valued over $500 prefer paying by wire transfer. Wire transfer orders receive a 1.5% discount from our listed price. Customers paying by wire will receive wiring instructions once they have completed the check-out process. We must receive confirmation from our bank that a wire transfer has been completed before items can be shipped. At our sole discretion, we may require bank wire payment for any order in excess of $10,000.

Personal Cheques & Money Order

When paying by certified cheque or money order, Diamond Advisor reserves the right to deposit and hold each payment for up to ten business days. All cheque payments that are not received within one week of the order being placed will be cancelled. Customers paying by cheque will receive mailing instructions once they have completed the check-out process.